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A deal of breakage amongst glass and crockery can be prevented by the simple precaution of placing lamp chimneys, tumblers, and such articles in a pot filled with cold water to which some common table salt has been added. Boil the water well, and then allow it to cool slowly. When the articles are taken out and washed, they will resist any sudden changes of temperature.


Crape may be renovated by thoroughly brushing all dust from the material, sprinkling with alcohol, and rolling in newspaper, commencing with the paper and crape together, so that the paper may be between every portion of the material. Allow it to remain so until dry.


A better plan for removing grease spots than by applying a hot iron is to rub in some spirits of wine with the hand until the grease is brought to powder, and there will be no trace of it. Every school boy is not aware that ink spots can be removed from the leaves of books by using a solution of oxalic acid in water; nor does every housemaid know that "spots" are easily cleaned from varnished furniture by rubbing it with spirits of camphor.


It is worth while keeping a supply of ammonia in the household, in case we wish to remove finger-marks from paint, or require to cleanse brushes or greasy pans. A teaspoonful in a basin of warm water will make hairbrushes beautifully white; but care must be taken not to let the backs of the brushes dip below the surface. Rinse them with clean, warm water, and put in a sunny window to dry.



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