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Epidemics in the US


1657 Boston: measles

1687 Boston: measles

1690 New York: yellow fever

1713 Boston: measles

1729 Boston: measles

1732-33 Worldwide: influenza

1738 South Carolina: smallpox

1739-40 Boston: measles

1747 Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina: measles

1759 North America: measles [areas inhabited by whites]

1761 North America & West Indies: influenza

1772 North America: measles

1775 North America: unknown epidemic [Especially hard hit in New England]

1775-76 Worldwide: influenza [One of the worst flu epidemics]

1788 Philadelphia & New York: measles

1793 Vermont: influenza; "putrid fever"

1793 Virginia: influenza [Killed 500 people in 55 counties in 4 weeks]

1793 Philadelphia: yellow fever [One of the worst]

1793 Delaware: "Extremely fatal" bilious disorder [especially in the Dover area]

1793 Pennsylvania: many unexplained deaths [especially Harrisburg & Middletown]

1794 Philadelphia: yellow fever

1796-97 Philadelphia: yellow fever

1798 Philadelphia: yellow fever [one of the worst]

1803 New York: yellow fever

1820-23 United States: "fever" [Started on the Schuykill River, PA & spread]

1831-32 United States: Asiatic cholera [Brought by English emigrants]

1832 New York & other major cities: cholera

1833 Columbus, OH: cholera

1834 New York City: cholera

1837 Philadelphia: typhus

1841 United States: yellow fever [Especially severe in the south]

1847 New Orleans: yellow fever

1847-48 Worldwide: influenza

1848-49 North America: cholera

1849 New York: cholera

1850 United States: yellow fever

1850-51 North America: influenza

1851 Coles Co, IL, the Great Plains & MO: cholera

1852 United States: yellow fever [8,000 Died in New Orleans during the summer]

1855 United States: yellow fever

1857-59 Worldwide: influenza [One the biggest epidemics of flu]

1860-61 Pennsylvania: smallpox

1865-73 Philadelphia, New York City, Baltimore, Memphis & Washington, DC: recurring epidemics of smallpox, cholera, typhus, typhoid, scarlet fever & yellow fever

1873-75 North America & Europe: influenza

1878 New Orleans: yellow fever [last great epidemic of disease]

1885 Plymouth, PA: typhoid

1886 Jacksonville, FL: yellow fever

1918 Worldwide: influenza More people hospitalized in WWI from influenza than wounds. US Army training camps became death camps - with 80% mortality rate in some.



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