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What To Do In An Emergency

*Remember, these suggestions are from 1885, do not use them for first-aid


SUN-STROKE--In case of sun-stroke, remove the person overcome to a cool, dark place, and apply ice-water over the head. If he seems very weak, you may give a little whisky in ice-water. Send for a physician if possible. Intemperate men are much more subject to sun-stroke than temperate.

FAINTING FITS--Fainting is caused by the blood leaving the brain. Place the patient flat, and allow the head to be lower than the body. Sprinkle cold water in the face. Hartshorn may be held near the nose, not to it. A half teaspoonful of aromatic spirits of ammonia, in a wine-glass of water, will tend to revive the patient and prevent a return. Do not allow persons to crowd around the patient. If the symptoms recur, send for a physician.

CLOTHING ON FIRE--Immediately throw a rug, a piece of carpet, a coat, or anything woolen, over the victim, so as to smother the flames, and do not allow him to run away from you. In removing the clothes be careful not to pull off the skin; and, if only slightly burned, apply lime-water and linseed-oil. If at all severe, send for a physcian.

POISONS--When a poison has been swallowed, send immediately for a physician, and in the meantime give a tablespoonful of ground mustard in a tumblerful of warm water, until vomiting occurs. If there is no mustard, common salt will answer. If an alkali like washing soda is taken, give vinegar and water, and follow in a short time with an emetic.

TO STOP BLEEDING--Many persons bleed to death from want of proper care before the arrival of the surgeon. If the blood comes in spurts or jets, an artery is cut. Send for the doctor at once; meanwhile make firm pressure of a pad over the place, and also wrap a light bandage around the limb above the bleeding point, between it and the heart. Do not relax the pressure until the doctor comes. If the wound is on the head or body, press firmly against the bleeding part. When a vein is cut the flow of blood is slow and constant, make a firm pad and press it over the wound and fasten with a bandage.

BLEEDING FROM THE NOSE--Lay the patient down with the head raised. Do not hold the head over a basin. Apply cold water around the nose and over the forehead. Let him breathe through the mouth. Avoid blowing the nose. If the bleeding continues, send for a physician.

DROWNING--As soon as removed from the water, turn the face downward for a moment, and then pass the finger into the mouth and down the tongue, so that water and mucus may escape from the throat. Lay the body down with the head, neck and shoulders raised a little; remove the wet clothing as far as possible. To cause artificial breathing, kneel behind the body, take hold of the arms just above the elbows, draw them away from the sides and up over the head, until the hands meet--counting one, two; lower them again, touching the elbows, and bringing them up over the pit of the stomach with pressure,--counting three, four. Continue this, making the whole movement sixteen times a minute, and keep it up for two hours. Meanwhile some one may hold the tongue out between the teeth, while others rub him toward the heart. Cover him with dry clothing. When able to swallow, give small doses of brandy and water.



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