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Joseph Brandlinger


Josef Brandlinger, son of Josef Brandlinger and Christina Catharina Gall was born in Ditzingen, Wurtemburg Germany on March 9, 1738. The other children of Joseph and Christina were:

  • Maria Catharina Brandlinger December 21, 1729-March 27, 1737
  • Conrad Brendlinger June 13, 1731-1809
  • Hans Georg Brendlinger April 13, 1733-June 3, 1743
  • Johan Georg Brendlinger February 9, 1735-June 13, 1735
  • Maria Catharina Brandlinger March 9, 1740-September 12, 1741

On January 24, 1741, Christina died. Five months later June 27, 1741, Josef Sr. married Ana Kocher in Ditzingen. Ana and Josef were the parents of four children, but one died within one year after she was born. The children of Josef and Ana were:

  • Johann Georg Brandlinger June 10, 1742
  • Maria Catharina Brandlinger December 30, 1743-January 12, 1744
  • Maria Catharina Brandlinger January 17, 1745
  • Jacobina Brandlinger July 25, 1748

At age 13 Josef Jr., his parents, along with all remaining children came America. They arrived October 16, 1751 at Philadelphia on the Duke of Wurtemberg. His father and older brother, Conrad signed and took the Oath of Allegiance to the king of England. Josef was left at New Hanover, PA to live with Peter Lober as a *Knecth. The rest of the family moved to Reading Twp., Berks Co, PA.

On December 15, 1767 at age 29, Josef married Anna Rosina Lober, daughter of Peter. They were married at the New Hanover Lutheran Church in Gilbertsville, PA. Josef and Anna settled on a farm in Douglass Township, Montgomery County. They were the parents of six children, all born in New Hanover, and baptized in the Lutheran Church. The youngest child, Joseph died in infancy.

  • John Frederick Brendlinger July 15, 1768 (my ancestor)
  • Jacob Brendlinger February 15, 1770
  • Catherine Brendlinger September 23, 1778
  • Elizabeth Brendlinger July 26, 1778
  • John Peter Brendlinger January 25, 1782
  • Joseph Brendlinger May 23, 1790

In 1780, Josef was a private 5th class in the Revolutionary War. He served under Captain Frederick Beiteman in the 4th battalion, 3rd Co. out of Philadelphia, PA.

Anna died May 15, 1800 in New Hanover. When Josef died April 5, 1825 at age 87 years and 14 days, he was buried beside Anna in the New Hanover Lutheran Church Cemetery. Their graves are located in section old A, row T, grave 11. The tombstone is chiseled in marble. The epilogue is in German.

Knecth- m(masuline) servant; farming servant, farm'sman; slave





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