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Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with W

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Wagner, Ann
Wagner, Elizabeth
Wagner, Infant
Wagner, Jacob
Wagner, John
Wagner, Kate
Wagner, Lydia
Wagner, Lydia
Wagner, Michael
Wagner, Michael
Wagner, Sarah Jane
Wakefield, John C.
Wakefield, Thomas
Walbeck, Catherine
Walbeck, Charles
Walbeck, Elizabeth
Walbeck, Eva
Walbeck, George
Walbeck, George
Walbeck, Johann
Walbeck, John
Walbeck, John Samuel
Walbeck, Joseph
Walbeck, Levi
Walbeck, Lydia
Walbeck, Samuel
Walbeck, Sarah
Walbeck, Susan A.
Walker, Andrew M.
Walker, Barbara Joan
Walker, Frank Eugene
Walker, Fredrick
Walker, George R.
Walker, George R.
Walker, Ida
Walker, Jean Louise
Walker, Robert N
Walker, Sarah Jane
Walker, William
Wallace, Mary
Walsmith, Robert Lee
Walters, John
Watz, Irene
Wavgaman, Ellis
Weave, Faustin ,r Jr.
Weaver, Christina
Weaver, David Livingstone
Weaver, Dean
Weaver, Donald
Weaver, Doris
Weaver, Esther Agnes
Weaver, George
Weaver, Irene Lois
Weaver, James Leo
Weaver, Lee
Weaver, Merle
Weaver, Orpha May
Weaver, Pearletta
Weaver, Ruth Viola
Weaver, Violet Catherine
Weaver, Wilbur F.
Weaver, William E.
Webb, Robert
Weible, Susanna
Weichet, June Virginia
Weigel, Kathie Lynn
Weigel, Robert Paul
Wellen, Dennese D.
Weller, Charles David
Wells, Glenn E.
Wells, Lloyd G.
Wells, Mildred
Wells, Paul G.
Wells, W. Clark
Wentling, Elizabeth
Wepsic, Victoria
Wertz, Caroline
Wild, Michael
Wile, Earl
Wile, Helen
Wile, Howard
Wile, Lillian
Wile, Louise
Wile, Marie
Wile, Sally
Wile, Walter
Wile, Walter
Williams, Elizabeth
Williams, Mary
Williams, Vivian Allene
Wilson, Anna Laura
Wilson, Clara L.
Wilson, Elizabeth
Wilson, James
Wilson, James
Wilson, Marsellen Cody
Wilson, Olive Winona
Wilson, Richard
Wilson, Roxie May
Wincher, Elizabeth
Windmayer, Anna Margeretha
Wine, Bernice Caroline
Wine, Caroline
Wine, Clyde Dewitt
Wine, Helen Louise
Wine, John R.
Wine, John Stewart Greer
Wine, Mabel Susannah
Wine, Paul Chester
Wine, Robert C.
Wine, Thomas
Wine, William B.
Wine, William Chester
Wine, William L.
Winebrenner, Daniel
Winkleman, Donald
Winter, Catharina
Winter, George
Winter, Kreta
Wishart, John
Wissinger, Barbara
Wissinger, Barbara
Wissinger, Blaine
Wissinger, Harrison
Wissinger, Mary W.
Wolf, Hans
Wolf, Rosina
Wolfe, Lula Margaret
Wolford, Unknown
Wolford, Unknown
Woods, Mary
Woodworth, Ruth
Woomer, Timothy
Wren, Dora Beth
Wright, Alice
Wright, Betty Lou
Wright, Daniel Igo
Wright, Daniel Jason
Wright, Diana Lynne
Wright, Frederick Harvey
Wright, Frederick V.
Wright, Harold Lichtenfels
Wright, John Charles
Wright, Laura Ashley
Wright, Robert Thomas
Wright, Sandra Lee
Wright, Steven Nicholas
Wyrick, Catherine

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