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Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with S

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Sabol, Ronald
Sammons, Nellie Mable
Sander, Nellie Helena
Sarver, John
Satran, Joseph
Schaffer, Adam
Schaffer, Elizabeth
Schaffer, Unknown
Scheffer, Barbara
Scheffer, Martin
Schenk, Johann Michael
Scheupel, Elizabeth G.
Schlegel, Johannes Christian
Schlegel, John Christian
Schlegle, Christian Conrad
Schlosser, Louisa Carolina
Schmid, Anna Catharina
Schmid, Hans Melchior
Schneider, Jerg
Schneider, Margaretha
Schneltine, Elizabeth
Schrock, Deloris
Schrock, Elizabeth
Schrock, Walter
Schuman, John
Seese, Barbara
Seese, Gilllian
Seese, Margaret
Seese, Rachel
Segfret, Anna
Seitz, Adam
Seitz, Adam
Seitz, Andrew
Seitz, Anna Catharina
Seitz, Anna Christina
Seitz, Anna Maria
Seitz, Catherine
Seitz, Christina
Seitz, Elizabeth
Seitz, Ernest Friedrich
Seitz, Hans Georg
Seitz, Henry
Seitz, Johan Joseph
Seitz, Johann Georg
Seitz, Johannes
Seitz, Johannes
Seitz, John
Seitz, Joseph
Seitz, Mary Elizabeth
Seitz, Michael
Seitz, Regina Margaretha
Seitz, Susan
Selbe, Lucy Lena
Selner, Clara Irene
Selner, Glenn J.
Selner, Jacob Peter
Shaefer, Anna Barbara
Shaffer, D. F.
Shaffer, Emma Jean
Shaffer, Ida
Shaffer, Minerva B.
Shaffer, Unknown
Shaffer, Unknown
Shank, Barbara Ellen
Shank, Elizabeth
Shank, Hannah
Shank, Unknown
Shanklin, James
Shanklin, James
Shanklin, Terri
Shaw, J. Gordon
Shaw, Ralph Gordon
Shawl, Jacob
Shearer, Elizabeth
Sheffler, Andrea Leigh
Sheffler, Boyd A.
Sheffler, Deborah Kay
Sheffler, Heidi Jo
Sheffler, John Wilson
Sheffler, Justin Wyatt
Sheffler, Marvin Ross
Sheffler, Marvin Ross
Sheffler, Robert Ross
Sheffler, Tammy Lynn
Sheffler, Wayne
Sheffler, Winona Lynn
Shinjo, Hideko
Shirley, Cindy
Shirley, Ronald
Shirley, Sandra
Shively, Russell Dewitt
Shomo, Beatrice C.
Shook, Suzanne Ruth
Shover, Elizabeth
Shultz, Barbara
Shultz, Carmine
Shultz, Catherine
Shultz, Daniel
Shultz, Eli
Shultz, Elizabeth
Shultz, Jacob
Shultz, John
Shultz, Mary
Shultz, Nancy
Shultz, Nicholus Honicle
Shultz, Noah
Shultz, Peter
Sides, Adam
Sides, Adam
Sides, Adam
Sides, Adam J.
Sides, Ann
Sides, Anna Maria
Sides, Annie
Sides, Catherine
Sides, Catherine
Sides, Charles
Sides, Charles
Sides, Elizabeth
Sides, Elizabeth
Sides, Elizabeth
Sides, Eva Jane
Sides, Eva Lydia
Sides, Eve Lydia
Sides, Eveline
Sides, Flora
Sides, Guy
Sides, Jacob
Sides, Jacob
Sides, Jacob
Sides, Jacob Augusta
Sides, Jane
Sides, John
Sides, John
Sides, Joseph
Sides, Joseph
Sides, Joseph
Sides, Joseph H.
Sides, Katherine Jane
Sides, Lydia
Sides, Lydia
Sides, Mabel
Sides, Matilda
Sides, Minnie
Sides, Samuel
Sides, Sarah Ellen
Sides, Sarah H.
Sides, Sarah Jane
Sides, Sophia
Sides, Stuart
Sides, Susannah M.
Sides, Walter
Sidman, Annie E.
Silverman, Andrew Ross
Silverman, Laura Ann
Silverman, Paul R.
Silvius, John
Skinner, Merritt Emmit
Skinner, RuthAnna
Slagle, Abraham
Slagle, Abraham Leisure
Slagle, Alfred Andrew
Slagle, Alice L
Slagle, Ann
Slagle, Carrie
Slagle, Cecil W
Slagle, Christian C
Slagle, Daisy
Slagle, Daniel Bowser
Slagle, Emanuel
Slagle, Florence P
Slagle, Francis
Slagle, George A
Slagle, George K Bowser
Slagle, Harmon
Slagle, Ida R
Slagle, Jacob A. Bowser
Slagle, James
Slagle, John Howard
Slagle, Joseph
Slagle, Junia A
Slagle, Leah R
Slagle, Malinda
Slagle, Malissa E
Slagle, Mary Ann
Slagle, Mary Elizabeth
Slagle, Mary Viola
Slagle, Nettie May
Slagle, Quentin Edwin G
Slagle, Rhetta M
Slagle, Rose B
Slagle, Salathiel
Slagle, Samuel E R
Slagle, Sarah E
Slagle, Sarah Jane
Slagle, Sarah Mary
Slagle, Smith Graham
Slagle, Unknown
Slagle, Washington Adams
Slagle, William Washington
Slagle, Wilson
Smay, Catherine
Smeltzer, John Samuel
Smith, Anna M.
Smith, Edmund
Smith, George
Smith, James Russell
Smith, John
Smith, Loella Mertle Grace
Smith, Madeline
Smith, Phyllis Jeann
Smith, Unkown
Smith, Vernie M.
Smorto, Noel Francis
Smorto, Noelle
Snyder, Adam J.
Snyder, Bessie
Snyder, Carrie B.
Snyder, David
Snyder, Gary L.
Snyder, Harry H.
Snyder, Jacob
Snyder, Lewis
Snyder, Lloyd Emerson
Snyder, Unknown
Snyder, Unknown
Snyder, Unknown
Snyder, Unknown
Snyder, Vernie
Snyder, Wayne Arthur
Solenberger, Elizabeth
Sower, Mary
Spangler, Mary
Spangler, Unknown
Sparr, Glenn Edwin
Sparr, Kathy Irene
Sparr, Patricia Joan
Sparr, Peggy Lee
Sparr, Susan Louise
Speicher, Cloyd
Squires, Horace R.
Sr., Faustin Weaver
Sr., Herbet F. Toy
St. Clair, Alice Marie
St. Clair, Archibald
St. Clair, Archibald
St. Clair, Barbera Elizabeth
St. Clair, Bernard Dalton
St. Clair, Betty Lou
St. Clair, Carol
St. Clair, Catherine
St. Clair, Clyde Frederick
St. Clair, Elizabeth
St. Clair, Fleet Blair
St. Clair, George McKinley
St. Clair, Glen Arthur
St. Clair, Hazel R.
St. Clair, Helen Josephine
St. Clair, Henry B
St. Clair, Hugh
St. Clair, Hugh
St. Clair, Hugh
St. Clair, Huvvy Hezekiah
St. Clair, Infant
St. Clair, Jacob Gamble
St. Clair, James
St. Clair, James Butch
St. Clair, James Curtis
St. Clair, James W.
St. Clair, Jane
St. Clair, John
St. Clair, John
St. Clair, John
St. Clair, Johnnie B.
St. Clair, Joseph William
St. Clair, Kurt
St. Clair, Linda Elaine
St. Clair, Mabel Irene
St. Clair, Marie
St. Clair, Martha
St. Clair, Mary Elizabeth
St. Clair, Mary Polly
St. Clair, Myra Livonia
St. Clair, Nancy
St. Clair, Nellie Florence
St. Clair, Nicholas
St. Clair, Ralph
St. Clair, Ralph W.
St. Clair, Rebecca
St. Clair, Rebecca
St. Clair, Robert Lester
St. Clair, Robert Riddell
St. Clair, Samuel
St. Clair, Samuel
St. Clair, Samuel Clyde
St. Clair, Samuel G.
St. Clair, Samuel Grant
St. Clair, Shirley
St. Clair, Thomas
St. Clair, Timothy Paul
St. Clair, Warren Curtis
St. Clair, William
St. Clair, William Burkett
St. Clair, WinnIe
Stabler, Adam
Stabler, Agnes
Stabler, Agnes
Stabler, Ann
Stabler, Anna
Stabler, Anna Catharina
Stabler, Anna Maria
Stabler, Barbara
Stabler, Barbara
Stabler, Barbara
Stabler, Barbara
Stabler, Catharina
Stabler, Catharine
Stabler, Christian
Stabler, Christian
Stabler, Christina
Stabler, Christina
Stabler, Georg
Stabler, George
Stabler, Hans
Stabler, Hans Jerg
Stabler, Hans Ulrich
Stabler, Jacob
Stabler, Jacob
Stabler, Jacob
Stabler, Jacob
Stabler, Jerg
Stabler, Johannes
Stabler, John
Stabler, John Jacob
Stabler, Margaretha
Stabler, Margaretha
Stabler, Michael
Stadtmiller, Bernard
Stadtmiller, Caroline A.
Stahl, Fannie
Stamm, Virgil
Stamper, James Howard
Standley, Cheryl Ann
Standley, John Bluford
Standley, John Paul
Staron, Joshua Robert
Staron, Justin Jon
Staron, Mark
Steele, Eugene
Steffy, Maxine
Stelle, Patricia Ann
Step, Catharine
Stephens, Anna
Stevens, Arch Macdonald
Stevens, Bessie
Stevens, Blaine Livingston
Stevens, Henry Mathew
Stevens, Inez May
Stevens, Jean Mildred
Stevens, Joanne
Stevens, Julia Rose
Stevens, Verne Guano
Stevwing, Kaylon
Stevwing, Paige Leanne
Stevwing, Robert
Stewart, Ada Frances
Stewart, Alan Ira
Stewart, Alexander
Stewart, Alexander Wesley
Stewart, Alyssa Jean
Stewart, Annie R
Stewart, Arline Ada
Stewart, Bertha Ann May
Stewart, Denise Elaine
Stewart, Douglas Alan
Stewart, Douglas James
Stewart, Eliza Moreland
Stewart, Elmer Edgar
Stewart, Grace Nellie
Stewart, Grant Alan
Stewart, Grant I.
Stewart, Grayson William
Stewart, Harvey Almond
Stewart, Ian Russell
Stewart, Ira Valentine
Stewart, Ira Wallace
Stewart, James Grant
Stewart, Jamie Michelle
Stewart, Jessica Mable
Stewart, Karen Eileen
Stewart, Kelly Charles
Stewart, Kent William
Stewart, Louise Gertrude
Stewart, Lydia Adeline
Stewart, Lydia Ann
Stewart, Marion Frances
Stewart, Megan Marie
Stewart, Micelle Elizabeth
Stewart, Morgan Leanne
Stewart, Naomi Nadine
Stewart, Robynn Renee
Stewart, Ryan Lloyd
Stewart, William
Stewart, William Grant
Stewart, William Henry
Stice, Donna Elaine
Stiles, Harold
Stiles, Harold Eugene
Stiles, Helen Louise
Stiles, Holy
Stiles, Josie
Stiles, Kenneth
Stiles, Tanya
Stiles, Thomas
Stimmell, Edward
Stitt, Unknown
Stoll, Agnus
Stoll, Anna
Stoll, Anna
Stoll, Anna
Stoll, Anna
Stoll, Anna Barbara
Stoll, Barbara
Stoll, Barbara
Stoll, Catharina
Stoll, Catharina
Stoll, Conrad
Stoll, Conrad
Stoll, Hans
Stoll, Hans
Stoll, Jacob
Stoll, Jacob
Stoll, Jacob
Stoll, Jacob
Stoll, Jerg
Stoll, Jerg
Stoll, Jerg
Stoll, Jerg
Stoll, Johannes
Stoll, Michael
Stoll, Michael
Stoll, Michael
Stoll, Michael
Stoll, Rosina
Stormer, Adam
Stormer, Catherine
Stormer, Christina
Stormer, Edna
Stormer, Elizabeth
Stormer, Eve
Stormer, Eve
Stormer, George
Stormer, Johann George
Stormer, John
Stormer, John
Stormer, Levi
Stormer, Levi
Stormer, Michael
Stormer, Noah
Stormer, Peter
Stormer, Sarah Katherine
Stothard, David Vernon
Stothard, Sandra
Stothard, Verna
Stothard, William
Strayer, D.
Strong, Daniel C.
Stuart, Martha
Stuchell, Mary
Stutzman, Anna A.
Stutzman, Lavina
Stuver, Viola
Sullinger, Edgar
Sullivan, Francis
Sullivan, Sally Lucinda
Sutton, James
Sweeny, Ann
Sweeny, Thomas

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