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Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with D

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Daugherty, Lucinda
Daugherty, Nancy
Davies, Delores Lee
Davies, Francis Jacob
Davies, Janet May
Davies, Karen
Davies, Richard Francis
Davies, Ronald Eugene
Davies, William Lynn
Davis, Donald R.
Davis, Margaret
Davis, Ronald
Davis, Terry
Davis, Thankfull
Dearmey, Charles
Dearmey, Dewey
Dearmey, Foley
Dearmey, Harry
Dearmey, Joseph B.
Dearmey, Max
Dearmey, Rachel
Dearmey, Ruth
Decker, Maria Margeretha
Deemer, Catherine Elizabeth
Dellinger, Susannah
Dempsey, Sarah Ann
Denison, Elijah B.
Dennison, Mary J.
Denslinger, Allen Benson
Denslinger, Terry
Desbien, Karia Kay
DeWeese, Sarah
Dhersner, Elizabeth
Dias, James
Diehl, Charles
Diehl, Elizabeth
Dilliman, Margaret
Dillon, Christine Tearingar
Donahey, Annie
Donahey, Electra A.
Donahey, Eliza
Donahey, Emma
Donahey, Evaline
Donahey, Frank
Donahey, Hannah A.
Donahey, James
Donahey, James M.
Donahey, Jane
Donahey, John
Donahey, Joseph
Donahey, Margaret E.
Donahey, Mary
Donahey, Mary
Donahey, Mary
Donahey, McLure
Donahey, Nancy
Donahey, Richard
Donahey, Robert
Donahey, William
Donahey, William
Donahey, William
Dorn, Lucille
Doverspike, Albert Ira
Doverspike, Ruth Irnella
Dowden, John C.
Dowden, Marie
Dowling, Glenda M
Dubinsky, Scott Aaron
Duffy, Nancy
Dugan, Joshua
Duncan, Joseph
Dunlap, Hazel Marie
Dunmire, Margaret Louise

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